Winning strategies: betting against the dice

Winning strategies: betting against the dice

Thought the odds of winning are equivalent to the right betting strategies, 0.8 percent in a single odds game and 0.6 percent in a double odds game, very few craps players bet against the dice.

Many bettors feel uncomfortable about having to lay odds, putting more money on their free-odds bet than they will win should the bet be won, but as stated earlier, the free-odds wagers give the house no edge betting right or wrong.

However, players that bet wrong don’t mind giving the odds, for the roll of a 7, their winner will occur more often than any point number, and they’ll have frequent winners.

In addition, should a point be repeated, a losing roll for wrong bettors, only one bet will be lost.

The other points covered by the wrong bettor are still in play. On the other side of the dice, the right bettor fear the 7, for when it is thrown, all their established points and free-odds bets are lost.

We will apply the same principles of play as right bettors.

We’ll make only the best bets available to us, those that reduce the house edge to the lowest possible figure – The don’t pass, the don’t come, and the free-odds bets.